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The de-sliming of fish is a crucial step in processing. By de-sliming fish, an important source of bacteria is taken away and the processing is simplified. De-sliming is therefore the secret of optimal fish processing.

Higher quality
The quality of fish has to come to a higher level. Mucusol offers a helping hand in this. Mucusol is a de-sliming product for the fish industry. Due to its special composition Mucusol carefully soaks off the slime layer. Opposite to mechanical de-sliming, Mucusol does not affect the quality of the fish. Color, aroma and taste are preserved, while the meat of the fish does not come in contact with hard objects. De-sliming has never been this easy and effective.

Fast and slow method
Mucusol can be applied in a fast or a slow method. In the fast method, a container is filled with a small amount of water and Mucusol. An amount of fish remains in this solution for several minutes, after which the fish is ready for further processing. A new amount of fish can be de-slimed in the same solution. Depending on the amount of slime, the Mucusol-solution can be used 1-3 times.

In the slow method, a small amount of Mucusol is added to the fish which is waiting in a cold store to be processed. The moment the fish needs to be processed the fish is de-slimed and ready to be processed.

Advantages in the production process
If the slime layer is not removed properly, the machinery and process conveyors will be polluted by smearing. This pollution forms an excellent breeding ground for the listeria-bacteria. By removing the slime layer, this breeding ground is taken away in the whole process. Mucusol works preventative against the growth of the Listeria-bacteria.

+ Removal of the slime layer
+ No smearing in the process
+ The meat of the fish remains intact
+ Preventative against the listeria bacteria