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Aquamar develops liquids based on hydrogen peroxide and a special carrier. In development and design only the purest commodities are used. Aquamar strives to develop products which improve food safety, are safe in usage and bring along as many environmental advantages as possible.

Peroxide is a powerful oxidizer. A disadvantage of “regular” hydrogen peroxide is the quick decomposition. The special bearer stabilises the peroxide, due to which a product with a longer activity comes into existence.

Due to the longer persistence, an effective elimination takes place. The general advantages of hydrogen peroxide are preserved.

The product will decay in water and oxygen, due to which no residue will stay behind. The oxidative operation of peroxide makes that resistance to these products is impossible.

Currently, the following products are available:

  • The disinfection product Freebac Clearoxyl
  • The de-slime product Freebac Mucusol
  • The decontamination product Freebac D-150 (exclusively for decontamination of fruit and vegetables)
  • Freebac-D780, a process aid for the crustaceans and shellfish processing industry