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This application is suitable for the Freebac-Clearoxyl® product.

A spraying system can be used
in all kinds of situations. When a spraying system is used, diluted Freebac-Clearoxyl® is sprayed directly onto surfaces, conveyor belt et cetera at a certain concentration.

The Freebac-Clearoxyl® concentration depends on the amount of organic and microbiological contamination. It is important that sufficient Freebac-Clearoxyl® comes into contact with the surfaces to protect against all micro-organisms.

For spraying on food it is advantageous to spray Freebac-Clearoxyl® in a closed room. This makes optimal use of the product. The length of the spray tunnel and the number of sprayers depends on the speed of the conveyor belt and the required contact time. Such a spraying system is based on water pressure. A vacuum pump or an electric dosing pump with flow meter ensure the use of the right concentration Freebac.