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Bacterial counts cause of a good deal of worries both in the vegetable processing industry and the meat processing industry. Freebac-150 takes away a large part of these worries. Freebac-D150 is a decontamination product for the vegetable processing industry. It is a very effective product in micro-organism control.

Micro- organisms can deeply penetrate the tissue of vegetables and meat, which makes rinsing with water insufficient. Freebac-D150 has a long and effective operating time. Through the special gel which is added to the aseptic hydrogen peroxide, antimicrobial free radicals release from the Freebac-D150 substance. This causes the micro-organisms to be effectively oxidized whilst not affecting the product.

Freebac-D150 mainly owes its safe and efficient activity to the strong eliminating effect of the hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) on microbiologic processes. This active element of Freebac-D150 can, due to the unique characteristics of the stabiliser, be present in very low quantities to obtain the optimal result. In combination with UV-energy the reduction can even go up to 5 log.

Due to the unique composition of the aseptic hydrogen peroxide and product specific substances in the gel, no residue stays behind. The free radicals have a short lifespan. Within seconds they will do their work and will then be converted into water. A possible residual amount of hydrogen peroxide will decay into water and oxygen. There will be no elimination of micro-organisms (like when using a conventional product), but oxidation of the micro-organisms. This means that micro-organisms cannot build resistance against Freebac-D150. Changing of products will therefore become history.

- Effective oxidation with micro organisms
- Combination with UC-C technique
- No infestation of the product
- Minimal concentrations
- Resistance is impossible