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Aquamar commits itself to a cleaner and safer future. Its innovation and ambition focus on providing its customers with products of the highest quality. This comes forward in the company’s mission and vision:

Aquamar want to supply its clients with products which contribute to the diminution of microbiological hazards in water, air and food processing. The company will do so by providing high quality products, with a long, residue-less and eco-friendly working.

Aquamar strives to reduce microbiological hazards in the primary necessities of life; water, air and food, to be able to guarantee in this way the (food) safety of mankind. Eco-friendliness and effectiveness are important for Aquamar and are therefore considered basic principles in the organisation.

The company values nature and does everything in its power to protect it: Aquamar is carbon neutral and has invested in solar panels. Furthermore it sets high standards to all products it uses.

Aquamar’s efforts in this have not remained unnoticed: The company can officially call itself one of the most innovating Small- and Medium sized enterprises in the Netherlands.

In the future Aquamar would like to continue to protect people from microbiological hazards, without being held back by country boundaries and to provide people worldwide with its products.

Below you can watch a video about Aquamar and Freebac-Clearoxyl. This movie is a part of a program that is about doing business in Holland, and is focused on water and innovative companies. The video is in Dutch. In the first part our General Manager is interviewed, about how our product works. Later on there is our Quality Manager, who is telling about his work: going to clients and helping them to put their hygiene level as high as possible.