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Frequently Asked Questions - crop rotation

FAQs - crop rotation

Rinse the water system thoroughly with water. Dose nitric acid in the system with a dosage of 3%  At the same time dose Freebac in the system using a dos-ing pump, dosage: 1 Liter Freebac on every 1000 liters of water. This removes residues of fertilizers and loose biofilms. Leave this one night. Then fill the water system for at least 5 hours with Freebac-Clearoxyl 0.5% dilution. Vent the sys-tem during treatment.

Need too much Freebac? Ask your Freebac consultant about the most economical method for you, to clean your piping systems and to disinfect the greenhouse and make it ready for the new cultivation. Call: +31527 - 688 336.